A selection of my Lego builds.

Contest Entries

I have send a couple of my designs in for competitions, Lego Ideas and Bricklink designer programs. More coming soon may 2024.

The Medieval Outpost

BDP5 Entry

Digital Builds using

The Wandering Merchant

BDP5 Entry

Remote container house v2

BDP5 Entry

The Historic Helmet Collection

BDP5 Entry

Two resting knights

BDP5 Entry

Winner "Best Gate" Bricklinks Castle Reimagined challenge

TravellingMerchant Tower_6
TravellingMerchant Tower_2
TravellingMerchant Tower_3
TravellingMerchant Tower_4

Microbuilds series

I love building at microscale, it poses an additional challenge to capture small details using the fewest number of pieces possible. I try to make little landscapes both existing and fictional.

Digital Builds using

TestlandscapeMicroscale_6  Julian Curiëre
LandscapeMicroscale_2  Julian Curiëre
TestlandscapeMicroscale_7  Julian Curiëre
Testlandscape3  Julian Curiëre
Testlandscape4  Julian Curiëre
LandscapeMicroscale_4  Julian Curiëre
LandscapeMicroscale  Julian Curiëre
LandscapeMicroscale_3  Julian Curiëre
TestlandscapeMicroscale_8  Julian Curiëre


One of the things i love doing is working with patterns, making intricate design using weird shaped Lego pieces. Creating unique pictures with existing parts is something I can't get enough off.

Digital Builds using


I constantly have new ideas that I then set out to build with Lego.

Digital Builds using and physical builds

You can find every single creation I have made on my Instragram page. The showcased builds represent a selection of my work.