Beyond the Brick

Exploring the boundaries of the world renowned brick, and then going one step further.

Lego Closeup Concrete Mosaic Julian Curiëre

I have always loved the endless possibilities of Lego

During my studies at the HKU I have become fascinated with patterns. This, coupled with my passion for LEGO created the foundation for my project “Beyond the Brick”.

I aimed to demonstrate more than just the typical building block children play with. I wanted to emphasize how LEGO can be used in different ways to create art.

Here in the Netherlands we have a saying, “van LEGO kan je alles maken” (you can make anything out of LEGO) and that is exactly what my project is all about.

Lego Concrete Mosaic Julian Curiëre

Use of a material in a unique way

From the start of my graduation project I knew I wanted to work with Lego. It's something that lies very close to my heart.

I love building and making things, both with Lego and with materials like wood,steel and stone. So I went ahead and combined these.

My ambition was to make something that could be used as decoration, something that could fit in every house.

Mosaic Concrete Lego Julian Curiëre

The Big Piece

I wanted to create a very big piece to show the possibilities of my project. This one contains 400 tiles, about 10% of them are lego the rest is concrete.

The frame is made out of 38.5x38.5mm recycled steel, the total work measures 1040x1040mm.

It was too heavy to display off the wall so I made an easel to carry it, made with the same recycled steel profiles. All the steel has a double layer of black powder coating.

Lego Mosaic Julian Curiëre