Who am I?


Julian Curiëre

A designer based in the Netherlands

I'm Julian Curiëre, 23 years old, and I've recently graduated from the University of Art Utrecht (HKU) in the Netherlands with a bachelor's degree in Product Design.

I've been passionate about building and creating for as long as I can remember. There is nothing I enjoy more than getting my hands dirty to bring something new to life.

I'm constantly driven to expand my knowledge and skills both digitally and hands-on.

I'm juggling three jobs intermittently. Firstly, I'm employed at Ruig&Geroest, after I completed my internship there I got offered a part-time position alongside my studies at the HKU. At Ruig&Geroest, I oversee the design of our furniture, which includes both custom-fitted pieces and standard stock available on our website. Additionally, I'm hands-on in the workshop, involved in crafting these pieces myself.

In addition, I work at Shellter, a company focused on sustainable event structures and semi-permanent modular buildings, where I'm part of the design team. Moreover, I oversee building project onsite at events.

Finally, I also maintain a retail job, which I've been doing since I was 16. In this role as a team leader, it's my responsibility to ensure clear communication and that everyone understands their tasks and responsibilities. Furthermore, I ensure the ground plan is up to date and mange the inventory of products needed to keep the store in pristine conditions, such as shelves, dividers and racks.

My ultimate aspiration is to work a the LEGO Group as a designer. Creating toys that bring joy to other, just as they did for me, has always been my dream. Designing for the LEGO Group would not only fulfill my childhood dream but also allow me to contribute to the imaginative play and development of future generations.

My main skillset

Product Design


Concept Development



3D rendering

Eager to Learn

3D Printing

Design Thinking


Wood working

3D Modeling

Interior Design




Metal working

Plastic Fabrication