Mooie Zooi - The recycling cabinet


I created this cabinet for a community center where individuals can contribute old or surplus crafting supplies.

To participate, individuals are encouraged to donate before taking anything, thus keeping the crates full.

Named "Mooise Zooi," translating to "beautiful Junk," the cabinet embodies the spirit of repurposing and beauty in discarded items. Utilizing steel profiles sourced from shipping containers and second-hand crates, it reflects a commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Bokaal Julian Curiere Ruig&Geroest

Moveable Bar


Created predominantly from upcycled materials, I collaborated with Ruig en Geroest to bring this project to life.

Handcrafted and designed to fit snugly into the restaurant's elevator, this bar offer functionality and style.

Featuring two trays to keep beverages chilled and ample storage for glasses, plates and cutlery, it's and ideal addition for conference rooms without a fixed bar setup.

Crafted from recycled oak wood, salvaged from and old wood floor, this piece boasts durability and character. Multiple layers of varnish provide a scratch and stain-resistant surface, making it ideal for use as tabletop.

For the metal components, we utilized a blend of 40x40mm and 20x20mm steel profiles, with the large profile sourced directly from shipping containers. These would be used as strutting materials and would normally be thrown out.



For the biggest real estate fair in the Netherlands I developed these throphies together with Ruig & Geroest. The throphies where awarded in the catergory Teamwork.

Bokaal Julian Curiere Ruig&Geroest
Bokaal Julian Curiere Ruig&Geroest

Revamp Alliander communal workspace


For Alliander, a prominent infrastructure company, we were tasked with designing tables, benches and partition racks with plants for their communal workspace. I teamed up with Ruig en Geroest to make this project happen.

My challenge was to integrate their old stock pallet rack stands into the furniture. By blending these reclaimed racks with recycled wood and steel,

I created a sustainable and functional solution. To pay homage to the original stock pallet racks, we powder-coated the steel components in a vibrant blue hue, echoing their distinctive colour scheme

Bokaal Julian Curiere Ruig&Geroest

Discussion Benches


For a major company in the Netherlands, I designed these "Conversation Benches" for their communal workspace.
Constructed from reclaimed wooden beams and handcrafted steel legs, these benches foster an environment conducive to collaboration and interaction. The cushions are upholstered with new fabrics for added comfort and style.

Bokaal Julian Curiere Ruig&Geroest

Boiler Light


Together with Shellter and Ruig & Geroest, I developed this lamp. Made for Dreamville Tomorrowland.

This lamp is made from an upcycled boiler, in total 10 pieces where made. These light features are set to be used on the Dreamville marketplace in the upcoming years



My first big project during my internship at Ruig & Geroest consisted of this pair of cupboards.

Both made with recycled materials the wood comes from an old oak wooden floor.

The 40x40mm metal profiles come from shipping containers and are commonly used as strutting material. When a container arrives at its destination these would normally be thrown away. 

The Rafters Bench


For my second year at HKU, my class was challenged to create a piece of furniture for the newly constructed park, which was previously occupied by greenhouse with rafters. The client requested that we incorporate these rafters onto our designs. I'm thrilled to share that my design was chose, and was set to be brought to life in the park.

I deciced to use the rafters as the defining shape, as it is something that resonates with a lot of people here in the Netherlands. It brings a sense of home and nostalgia that I think fits perfectly with the parks vibe.

Furthermore, to ensure sustainability and resourcefulness in our project, we repurposed the wood scraps from the previously constructed park walkways. By giving new life to these otherwise thrown out materials, I aimed to minimize waste and contribute to the eco-friendly ehtos of the park.

2D Lamp